Scholarship Success Story!

Rodrigo Ramos

September 21, 2018 ·  Allowed on timeline

Incredible!! I have been remembering this amazing woman all week... talked to 2 different people about her... and all of the sudden,I run into her! ENERGY and the UNIVERSE!!!
Not only did she fund an amazing scholarship organization but made a commitment to ensure they help students to graduate!
I had dropped out of school,flunked all of my clases and had given up on college. I felt at the time waiting tables in a steak house would be ‘good enough’ for a career... but Thamara Millan would just not give up on me... came and found me in the restaurant and made me go back to college... got me a new computer, a blank check and life long support and LOVE!!!
Thank you so much!!! — with Thamara Millan.

Thamara Millan